Tucked far away from the bustling cities and over crowded tourist hot spots, in the serene eastern fringe of the Western Ghats, among the crest of Palani hills lies a majestic plantation resort, the Tranquil Nest. A lush green coffee estate and a home to orange, pepper, banana, avocado, jackfruit and pomegranate groves. Dotted with innumerable pretty flowers all along, beautiful silver oak and silk cotton trees lines the scenery. The Smell of Lemon Grass and Pepper enchants the air around.

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The spacious hall is well furnished and can seat 20 – 25 guests at a time.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are part of the tariff at Tranquil Nest.


The lounge is open 24/7 to all our guests.


Tranquil Nest has a full functional equipped modern gym.

Basket Ball

we offer an inviting basketball court in our outdoor area.


Perfect for a single person, the cottage has a boutique design and is completely built in wood. It is well furnished and has a clean bath room. It is stocked with essential amenities. The cottage has a beautiful porch where you can relax and enjoy a great view of the resort.

Largest and the most spacious of all the rooms in the resort, the suites are tastefully designed and are well furnished with clean bath rooms. The suites can accommodate 3 guests. The suite has an attached Gazebo overlooking the valley and offers a 360º panoramic view of the resort.

The Deluxe room is spacious and offer double bed accommodations. Tranquil Nest has 1 Deluxe Room which is well furnished, have clean shower room and stocked with essential amenities.