Dining Room

The simple and well ventilated design of the dining area gives a good view of the entire resort and offers a unique dining experience. The spacious hall is well furnished and can seat 25 guests at a time.

Buffet Dining

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are part of the tariff at Tranquil Nest. The meals are served at the dining hall in buffet style. The chefs take special care to ensure the food is wholesome and nutritious.

Artist Studio Setup

Apply for an Artist Residency at Tranquil Nest and we will set up a studio for you for your needs in our beautiful gazebos.


For all those who don’t want to miss a day’s workout at the gym, Tranquil Nest has a full functional equipped modern gym. It is well ventilated and has everything you need for your workout.

Basketball Court

To add a little fun and exercise, we offer an inviting basketball court in our outdoor area. A joy for anyone looking for a fast paced workout, or just a fun time of shooting hoops.


The lounge is open 24/7 to all our guests where they can relax after a day out or just curl up and read a book.The lounge also has a television and recreational games for those who are up to it.