About Tranquil Nests

Tucked far away from the bustling cities and over crowded tourist hot spots, in the serene eastern fringe of the Western Ghats, among the crest of Palani hills lies a majestic plantation resort, the Tranquil Nest. A lush green coffee estate and a home to orange, pepper, banana, avocado, jackfruit and pomegranate groves. Dotted with innumerable pretty flowers all along, beautiful silver oak and silk cotton trees lines the scenery.

The smell of lemon grass and pepper enchants the air around. Located at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level and having a pleasant 23 degree weather all through the year and bordering the foot of the Kodikanal, Thandikudi is a bliss. The ever so gentle sun warming down on you and the caressing ghat winds make it an ideal all season hide out from the rigours of city life.Tranquil Nest is an impulsive choice for a total unwind with family and friends.